A. Cirà

Social Economic Effects of the Program Leader in Sicily. An Economic Analysis

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Government Expenditures And Welfare Programs

The objective of the present paper is to examine the impact of the policy of agricultural development, conduct from the Sicilian Government, through the plan Leader II. Such plan has been thought from the UE in order to address the economic operator towards agreements of cooperation so as to develop the agricultural activity of the area in which they operate. The problems that are faced in the present work are essentially two: the first one is to define an indicator able to detect about the real effects of the policy. The second is to perform an empirical model able to analyse the degree of efficiency of the aid offered to the agriculture sector by the Leader II project. To such aim, the paper will come articulated in the following way: in first part it will be described the socio-economic situation of the Sicily, such as we can have some indication about the area in which the policy is implemented; the successive parts will be dedicated to the description of the theoretical model and the variables used. After this we will describe the results of the estimated model. The paper will be concluded with the analysis of the effects of policy.

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