Matteo Baccarini

Tool-Use: What about Action Models?

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: tool-use, body schema, motor control, physical capacities, physical potentialities.

We all have a body, that we use to interact with the external environment. In particular, such a capacity is supposed to be guaranteed by the reference to a pragmatic bodily representation named Body Schema (BS ). Recent theories on motor control claim that an intention to act provokes the activation of some motor models useful for the internal simulation of the action in question, thus permitting its on-line control. Crucially, we can act either by using just our body or by implementing our physical possibilities via the use of a tool. This paper focuses on the second condition. When used, tools become a sort of interface between the acting subject and the external environment. More precisely, this paper is aimed at studying how - and eventually to what extent - the above quoted model of motor control can be extended to comprehend not only freebody actions but also actions involving tools.

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