Bruna Zani, Gabriele Prati

A psychosocial model of attitudes toward nuclear power and anti-nuclear behavioural intentions

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Keywords: nuclear attitudes, trust, risk perception, pro-environmental beliefs, values, sense of community

Drawing on a Values-Beliefs-Norms (VBN) model of environmental commitment (Stern et al., 1999), we tested a model in which anti-nuclear behavioural intentions are function of attitudes toward nuclear power, perceived risk, values, pro-environmental beliefs, trust in the nuclear governance institutions, and trust in environmental organizations. Moreover, we hypothesized that sense of community may influence people's intention to mobilize against the plan to build a power plant in their own community. Applying structural equation models to data from a sample of 324 participants (183 females, 57.2%), we found that anti-nuclear behavioural intentions were predicted by risk perception, attitudes toward nuclear power, pro-environmental beliefs, trust in environmental organizations, and altruistic values. The relationship between values and anti-nuclear behavioural intentions was mediated by attitudes toward nuclear power. Sense of community was not related to anti-nuclear behavioural intentions. These findings showed the role of the psychosocial foundations (values, pro-environmental beliefs, risk perception, and social trust), that underpin people' attitudes and behavioural intentions toward nuclear power.

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