Giovanna Petrillo, Anna Rosa Donizzetti

Diritti del bambino, rappresentazioni e responsabilità: punti di vista di giovani e adolescenti

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Informations and abstract


The findings are presented herein of a piece of research that sets out to verify the representational articulation of minors' rights during their transition from adolescence to adulthood. A sample of adolescents and young people (no. 400) was contacted, on the hypothesis that with regard to minors' rights differentiated representational perspectives are adopted in accordance with different developmental periods, which specifically relate to problems of identity. These problems regard keeping a greater distance from the minor's condition among adolescents, and their being taken on among young adults. Our data confirm the main hypothesis, and show the influence of study curricula, especially referring to the perception of juvenile justice and the attribution of responsibility. These findings are interpreted by considering the perception of respect and violation of minors' rights, that evolves from a more idealized to a more mature conception. This in turn expresses itself in a more accentuated role played by the political and social institutions (government, family and school) with appropriate interventions for the specific conditions of minors, and with greater personal commitment shown more especially by young adults.

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