Lorenzo Bernini

«An Explosive Mixture of Unusual Potentiality». Freud, Fanon and the Erotic of the Masses

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Keywords: Anti-racist Critique, Decolonial Critique, Psychoanalysis and Politics, Drive Theory

Often considered the founder both of decolonial thought and ethno-psychiatry, Fanon contests that psychoanalysis – being European, bourgeois and white – may understand and cure the psyche of the black colonized man. However, he takes from Freud an energetic representation of subjectivity and he uses it in order to interpret the psychopolitical processes that concern both the character of the racialized single person and the revolutionary action of the colonized masses. The article takes into account Fanon’s thought in the light of Freud’s theories, and points out the ethnocentrism of the latter, the homophobia of the former, the male chauvinism of both.

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Article first page