Valeria Chiore

«Day» and «Night», «Poem» and «Theorem». Bachelard and the Wonderful Harmony of Complexity

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Keywords: Day, Night, Animus, Anima, Poem, Theorem

Day and night, poem and theorem live together in the Bachelard’s thought mutually enriching. An example of it is the Bachelard’s poetological incipit that is consumed, leaving from La psychanalyse du feu, in the shadow cone of exquisitely epistemological text, La Formation de l’esprit scientifique, real Ur-Text of poetic temperaments tetravalent doctrine, almost to testify irreducible mutual contamination between day and night, animus and anima, poem and theorem. From these texts we will leave, showing how fruitful it’s intertwine both instances: La Formation de l’esprit scientifique as jour, animus, théorème; the poetic temperaments tetravalent doctrine as nuit, anima, poème. From the contamination between one and the other, a wonderful harmony.

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Article first page