Aurosa Alison

Micro and Macro Cosmos. Towards Dwelling Aesthetics in Gaston Bachelard

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Keywords: Microphysics, Cosmology, Phenomenological Experience, Dwelling

In this paper, I argue the theory concerning Gaston Bachelard’s strong consideration for the epistemological and aesthetic analysis of space in his entire work. The dialectical dynamic favours two areas through which to analyse: 1) The involvement in the world of science through the studies of the micro in physics and of the macro in the considerations on the first cosmic theories, the fascinating relationship with the poetics of the hidden and intimate spaces, 2) The experiential and phenomenological involvement of inhabited space through the syncretic vision of intimate immensity, where magnitude is interiorized. This consideration of a Bachelardian space offers an ideal way to be in the world and in this case, how to inhabit it.

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