Francesco Piraino

Il movimento euroasiatista in Italia: tra complottismo e contro-epistemologia

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Conspiracism, Eurasianism, Neofascism, Esotericism, New Age.

The aim of this article is to describe the production and diffusion of conspiracy theories by a heterogenous network of intellectuals, which publish mainly for the publishing house Edizioni all’Insegna del Veltro and for the journal of geopolitical studies Eurasia. The network analysed proposes a political syncretism, merging elements of extreme right and extreme left, and epistemological syncretism, merging social sciences and religious and esoteric interpretations. After the introduction and discussion of the main definitions of conspiracy theories, I will analyse the main conspiracy theories diffused by this network: 1) the conspiracy of migration fluxes; 2) the conspiracy of Jewish ideology; 3) the conspiracy of gender; 4) geopolitical American conspiracies. I will show that for these authors, the most diabolical conspiracy underlying all the other conspiracies, is modernity itself. Finally, I will consider the continuity between conspiracism, religion and social and human sciences.

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Article first page