Carmela Baffioni

Carmela Baffioni, Use and Interpretation of Qurʾanic Verses in the Risala al- Jamiʿa. The Case of Qur. 26:193-195

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Keywords: Risala al-Jamiʿa; Ikhwan al-Ṣafaʾ; Brethren of Purity; Qurʾanic Hermeneutics; Shiʿi Thought; Isma‘ili Philosophy

This article examines the four quotations from Qur. 26:193-195 in the Risala al-Jamiʿa. The work, which is an esoteric interpretation of the encyclopaedia of the Brethren of Purity, also interprets Qurʾanic texts esoterically, adapting them to the topics discussed. The group of verses considered supports both the secret knowledge of the Shiʿi imams and the Isma‘ili ontology, showing that the authors oscillate between the two currents of thought. In at least three out of four cases, the verses are given a meaning far beyond the literal one

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