Fabio Zambardino

Preserving identities in the "Digital Realm": safeguarding cultural heritage in the Metaverse



This article delves into the complex legal landscape surrounding cultural heritage within the burgeoning realm of the metaverse. After analysing, in a nutshell, the concept of metaverse, the discussion shifts to the legal implications, particularly regarding the protection and ownership of digital assets representing cultural heritage. Traditional forms of cultural preservation are contrasted with the digitization process, raising questions about authenticity and ownership rights. Furthermore, the transient nature of digital artworks in the metaverse presents novel challenges for legal frameworks, due to the inherent fluidity and replicability of virtual assets. The article, finally, examines existing legal mechanisms for safeguarding cultural property and evaluates their applicability in the virtual domain emphasizing the need for adaptive legal frameworks that reconcile the preservation of cultural heritage with the innovative landscape of the metaverse.


  • metaverse
  • cultural heritage
  • law
  • art digitization


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