Simona Costa

The horror of the other’s look: Pirandello’s Vitangelo Moscarda

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Keywords: mirror, Doppelgänger, other’s look, madness

This new reading of one of Pirandello’s most famous novels, Uno, nessuno e centomila, follows the troubled path of its main character, Vitangelo Moscarda, caught in front of a mirror and of an image of himself till then unknown. The hunting after the stranger will become the chase after the one hundred Moscardas generated by the others’ eyes, all of them crammed with that only name in a single body. «Here I am and here you are» he says, reiterating this incurable dichotomy with a significant addition: «Unfortunately, here I am and here you are. Unfortunately». It is the source of what the protagonist himself will call his unbelievable follies, until the moment of his final liberation from any heritage and social conditioning and of his landing in the only point of consistency offered by the act of writing.

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Article first page