Guido Visconti

Climate studies. Present status

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Keywords: climate studies, spaceborne instrumentation, climate predictions.

A perspective is presented on the current status of the studies on climate. After a short introduction to the problem of climate change it is observed that the status of the climate change predictions has remained basically the same of what was formulated in the Charney report released in 1979. At the present time the main interest is to evaluate the consequences of climate change at regional level but in this respect the present models are rather inadequate not having enough physics in them and a sufficient resolution. This requires the introduction of computers performing exascale calculus (1018 operations/second). The current studies also lack experimental data to corroborate their predictions. These problems require a new foundation of the climate science on more rigorous basis and large investments to support advanced computer centers and measurement programs using space borne instrumentation. Such large funds can be only provided by governments with the risk of creating a political dependence of the climate science from their funding agencies. At the present time these problems are not very much discussed in the scientific community because the same community is not willing to expose the inadequacy of the predictions with the fear of insinuating doubt on the validity of such studies in the funding governments.

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