Vittorio Di Martino

Telelavoro. La nuova onda

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The author revisits the topic of teleworking 40 years after his first article in this journal, probably the first ever published on this topic in Italy. Although it was at that time an embryonic phenomenon, the main components involved were already evident, and rapid development was heralded. This was not the case. A continuous but relatively slow progression has never blossomed into a fully consolidated practice, especially in Italy. All of this until the coronavirus emergency brought teleworking to the general attention, creating a new wave accompanied by growing expectations. To understand its potential and above all its feasibility, the article “opens upµ teleworking, and explores the multiple factors involved to indicate, in a global dimension but with a special eye on Italy, which aspects are still hindering teleworking, and which ones can instead relaunch and boost it. The article underlines that, only by acting on these factors through strategies and policies aimed at their development, will it be possible, far from adventurous forecasts, to provide a real launching pad towards a form of teleworking with an extended dimension, as well as fully responsive to the needs of all parties involved.


  • teleworking
  • smart working
  • nomad jobs
  • telecommuting
  • remote working
  • domestic work
  • hotdesking
  • ICT
  • work organisation
  • digital performance
  • commuting
  • environmental impact
  • working time
  • gender divide


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