Enrico Follieri

Nomofilachia e certezza del diritto, con particolare riferimento al Consiglio di Stato

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Binding Precedent; Persuasive Precedent; Uniform Interpretation; Certainty of Law; Cultural Source of Law.

In our Country, three Courts (Cassazione, Consiglio di Stato and Corte dei Conti) are entitled to implement uniform interpretation of law, instead of only one «Supreme Court». From an abstract point of view, this situation puts at risk the certainty of law. The Author shows why these three Courts can implement uniform interpretation of law without conflicts among them. Then the Author explains how and why recent rules boosted this function, by giving value of binding precedents to the decisions of the leading sections of these Courts (Sezioni Unite della Cassazione, Adunanza Plenaria del Consiglio di Stato, Sezioni Riunite della Corte dei Conti) towards «simple sections» of the same Court (for the Corte dei Conti instead the decisions of the Sezioni Riunite are binding towards inferior Courts of the same jurisdiction too). The Author draws the nature and elements of the precedent as a cultural source of law and its elements. According to the Author, binding precedent is a way to implement certainty of law, but obviously not an absolute certainty.

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Article first page