Clara Amato

Occupations and values' profile in a women italian sample

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Keywords: Values; Women; Work; Occupations.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between values and work occupations in a sample of women. Participants were 683 women, belonging to eight different work categories (blue workers, employees, teachers, professionals, managers, shopkeepers, entrepreneurs, and housewives), that were administered the Value Questionnaire. Results pointed out how values differentiate the considered work categories even after accounting for socio-demographical variables such as gender and education. Moreover, it was pointed out that every work categories showed a specific value profile according to the importance given to value dimensions of conservatism, openness to change and self-enhancement. Significant differences were picked out also concerning specific values such as: conformism, universalism, self-direction, stimulation, hedonism, power and security.

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