Paola Molina, Marta Casonato

La valutazione del processo di costruzione del legame di attaccamento ai genitori adottivi attraverso un nuovo strumento: il Parent Attachment Diary

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: attachment, adoption, microgenetic analysis, early infancy, PAD.

In line with the recomandation of a recent review suggesting the need to better clarify the process involved in the adoption experience (Palacios, Vrodzinsky, 2010), aim of the present study is to test the utility of a new measure to detect the development of the attachment bond in internationally adopted children. Firstly, we reviewed the available measures evaluating attachment in the adoptive samples, with specific pros and cons. Secondly, we presented the Italian version of an instrument describing the early process of developing an attachment bond towards adoptive parents, the Parent Attachment Diary (PAD) (Dozier, Stovall, 1997). Our preliminary results suggested that a) PAD can be a useful instrument both in research and intervention, although a strong collaboration from adoptive families is required; b) the development of an attachment bond in adoptive families requires a significant amount of time, and caution is recommended in too early assessment of pattern of attachment in adoptees.

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Article first page