Barbara Ongari, Francesca Tomasi

Rappresentazioni dell'attaccamento e interazioni tra i bambini adottati e i loro genitori. Indicazioni qualitative da una ricerca-azione

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: adoptive families, attachment, action-research.

This action-research aimed at analysing the quality of the attachment relationships of internationally adoptees and their parents, in order to support their better reciprocal fitting (Schofield, Beek, 2006). Participants were 15 families, after a 3 yrs. duration of placement (M = 37,7 m.; SD = 22,18). The children (8 boys and 7 girls; mean age at adoption 16,5 m. (SD = 15,7), were observed at 4,5 years mean age (SD = 27,5 m.). The procedure provided: a) a clinical interview with both parents; b) familiarization with the child: free play and family drawing (DdF) (Corman, 1967; Tambelli, Zavattini, Mossi, 2002); c) Caregiving Interview (CI) (George, Solomon, 2002) to each parent; d) according to age children were evaluated using Cassidy & Marvin Procedure (Cassidy, Marvin, 1987; 1988); Separation Anxiety Test (SAT) (Klagsbrun, Bowlby, 1976; Attili, 2001); e) Child Behaviour Check List fulfilled by each parent (CBCL) (Achenbach, 1991; 2000; Frigerio, 2001); f) a final interview with parents. Preliminary qualitative results indicated that children were mostly Disorganized (7) and that parents' IWM were insecure (particularly mothers'ones), with rigid defensive patterns.

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