Cristina Faccincani

The supreme ego and the impact of the common

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Keywords: Ego, Narcissism, Paranoia

Contemporaneously, the ego tends to mirror itself as an ideal ego, subject and object of the self itself, aiming at the assertion of its proper supremacy. As a result the important role of limiting the narcissistic expansionism of the ego, as exercised by the subconscious, the body and concrete experience of the difference of other from self and the unassumable character of reality, is reduced. Hence, there is an insidious transformation of the relationships regarding relationships of power, with a distortion of the intersubjective field. The sense of differentiation of self/other from self and the sense of that which is “commonµ to everyone is perverted, and the intrapsychic differences are turned outwards projectively and radicalized into a persecutorial form. This supposed limitlessness of the ego renders psychic life barren and compromises the relationship with our vulnerability and our interdependence inasmuch as we are human beings, and with the impact of the dimension of commonality, as is clearly evident in the experience of the pandemic.

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Article first page