Marco Bresciani

Claudio Pavone and the tradition of the "Risorgimento" between fascism and anti-fascism

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The article deals with Claudio Pavone’s historical research on the Italian national tradition (the so-called “Risorgimentoµ) and its political and symbolic uses by both fascists and antifascists. By questioning the interpretation of the Resistance as a “Second Risorgimentoµ, Pavone path-breakingly acknowledged the mass nature of the fascist regime, which was based on the nation-building between the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century. At the same time, he investigated the contest between fascists and antifascists over the meanings of Risorgimento, by emphasizing the difference between (fascist) nationalism and (antifascist) patriotism. A critical reassessment of Pavone’s position contributes to questioning this difference in the context of the discussion of the late 1950s and of the long-term trajectory of his historiographical work.

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