Valentina Pica, Luis José García-Pulido

The traditional Mediterranean house with courtyard and its urban context

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An archaeological territorial analysis oriented towards various elements, as the socio-economic, anthropologic and geographical aspects, is assuming increasingly relevancy among new works of the international research's field focused on the diachronic knowledge of the traditional domestic architecture in the urban and rural mediterranean geography. Our analysis try to investigate how some former constant mechanisms, as the ways of inception and development of urban textures, and the distribution of the domestic spaces around the central court, was probably tied to certain determining environmental and functional factors, and are continuing across the Middle Ages in the preindustrial landscape of the Mediterranean Basin. The medina of the medieval Islamic West answers directly to these thousands- year-old criteria for the formation and the development of the antropized environment, according to a few designs that have contributed also to determine the shape of great part of the historical cities of Europe in this period.

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