Vicent Martines

La escritura literaria como terapia. Y didáctica sentimental

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Keywords: Joan Roís de Corella; Tirant lo Blanch; Garcilaso de la Vega; Petrarch; Boscán; Writing as Therapy; Writing Literary Works as Therapy; Classical Tradition.

This study analyses the relevance of writing - the fact of writing it self - in order to explain and to describe feelings. It is an evidence of the pass from Medieval Literary styles and genres, to the Renaissance and Humanism ones, especially in West (Mediterranean) Europe. Referred authors and works pay attention to the feelings, and to the "pen", "paper", "ink" and so one (also the see or the sand of the beach) as symbolic representations of the author's will to explain feelings. The implements of writing become part of therapy: writing. Focussing on pen, paper or ink they hold the path to the Renaissance and the Modern literature. This is not only an aesthetic topic, but also a way in order to formalize a kind of "regiminia" works to teach (social as well as moral) values...

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