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Identity strategies and literary chronicle from border perspectives: “Crónica sentimental de la Transiciónµ by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán in El País Semanal

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Keywords: Vázquez Montalbán, literature, press.

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán presents in «El País Semanal», for 31 weeks – between January and August 1985 – a new series of articles, “Crónica sentimental de la Transiciónµ, then compiled and edited in the same year by Planeta. Taking into consideration the aspect of the concept of ‘border’ as limen, that is, unstable place-threshold of the identity configuration, which can encourage research about the ‘other’ and promote the encounter, this work aims to analyse the resources of literary discourses used by Vázquez Montalbán within the macro-text of the newspaper, in the theoretical framework of Cultural Studies. As a process already experienced by the author, this “Crónicaµ weaves a reflection on the new identity construction of the Spain of the Political Transition.

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