Agnieszka Woch

Generation Z Takes to the Streets. A Change of Protest Paradigm?

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Keywords: slogan, generation Z, manifestation.

The present contribution is a corpus-based analysis of protest messages that could be read during demonstrations in Poland against the decision of the Constitutional Court imposing further restrictions on abortion law in 2020. The corpus is made up of 1000 texts written on placards and banners of the demonstrators, which were photographed and uploaded on newspapers websites, Facebook and Twitter in the period from October 22 to November 22. The author examines the slogans used by young protesters, digital natives from Generation Z, in order to find out if there is any change in their form or content in comparison to those of previous generations of civil rights demonstrators. The conclusion indicates a change of paradigm at Generation Z. Both the form and content of the slogans testify a new way of perceiving the world and of protesting. The slogans ridicule the enemy, considered incompetent and outdated, and have the following characteristic features: use of humor, non-standard language and linguistic creativity.

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Article first page