Giampiero Cama

Internal Wars and Their Political Solutions. A Typological Approach

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Political Conflict, Violence, Power, Political Institutions

In this article we try to develop an analytical and conceptual framework focused on two objectives. The first is to distinguish among the different types of conflicts that give rise to civil wars on the basis of their structural characteristics, which are defined in relation to the distribution of the main resources of power (economic, military and symbolic). We then present a second typology, this one concerning the possible institutional solutions to conflicts distinguished on the basis of specific analytical categories. Our general assumptions are (i) that different competitive dynamics correspond to each type of conflict, and (ii) that, by virtue of these differences, undifferentiated and uniform solutions cannot be applied to every conflictual context. On the contrary, this article is intended to enable better connection of the various institutional solutions to the specific types of conflict considered. For these reasons, the analysis is predominantly theoretical in nature. Its purpose is to suggest and facilitate a new research agenda that brings together different disciplinary skills – such as comparative politics, international relations, strategic studies, party politics, etc. – that often do not converse with each other

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Article first page