Patricia Chiantera

A Monroe Doctrine for Mitteleuropa

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Sea- and Landpower; Monroe-Doctrine; Weltpolitik; Lebensraum Expansion.

This essay explores the works of some main German authors who stated the opposition between the sea- and landpowers: Alfred von Tirpitz, Friedrich Razel and Carl Schmitt. Their thought is investigated in relation to the context of the German foreign and domestic politics, and in relation to the opposition between the two main political currents of "Weltpolitik" and "Lebensraum" expansion. The main thesis of the article is that their formulation of the oppostion between land and sea and their difense of the position of Germany in the maritime international politics have to be studied in relation to the promotion of a Middleeuropean union of States lead by Germany. These authors only seemingly refer to the classical opposition between sea- and landpower. Their vision is actually based on the Monroe Doctrine, that divides the world into main continents, and therefore their true aim is to imagine a division of the world along different areas of power.

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Article first page