Francesca Zanuso

Power's fragile Labyrinth

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Modernity, Anthropological Conceptions; Conflict; Self-estrangement; Relationship; Responsibility; Pursuit of Certainty.

Taking steps from Bruno Montanari's recent book, the following essay offers some critical considerations on the nature of power in the modern worldview, as well on the structural fragility and propensity to oppression that characterise it. The Author investigates the sustainability of a different way of envisioning the relationship between the subjectivity of the power and the subjectivity that lays within the power: such different perspective should be immune to the contradictions that arise from the rationalistic and individualistic conceptual premises which characterise the modern approach. In proposing the shift to a different paradigm, the Author suggests to reconnect with an ancient and lasting root of western culture: she therefore draws some considerations from Plato's famous dialogue, the "Statesman", focussing mainly on the Greek philosopher's anthropological model and on the attitude to political and legal institutions which is to it consistently connected. Both those conceptions appear to offer rather promising and evocative philosophical standpoints about the protection and promotion of inter-subjective responsibility.

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Article first page