Maria Alessandra Bianchi

Incontrando Buddha ci si incontra. La conversione allo dzogchen in due reti associative in Francia e in Italia

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Keywords: Conversion; Intersubjectivity; Interactionism; Dzogchen; Tibetan Buddhism.

The aim of this article is to understand the process of individual Western conversion to "dzogchen" (a teaching belonging to Tibetan Buddhism). This is done through the study of two association networks, the International Dzogchen Community and Rigpa, in France and Italy. In order to understand this process, we have analyzed three main aspects. Firstly, we have examined the diffusion and presence of Western Buddhism and Dzogchen, reflecting on the pertinence of the category of «conversion ». Secondly, we have observed the question of Tibetan Buddhism's institutionalization and the ideological discourse of its members, carried out in order to promote social actors' conversion. Thirdly, we have analyzed the process of social actors' adhesion to the proposals put forward by the institution. The analysis of these three elements allows us to understand that conversion to Dzogchen Buddhism is not solely a personal choice, but also an interpersonal phenomenon. Furthermore, it is an example of the return of a desire for community in our societies.

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