Grazia De Angelis, Dario Bacchini

Sacrificial Moral Dilemmas, Utilitarian vs. Deontological Inclination and Behaviour

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Keywords: Antisocial Behaviour, Concern for The Greater Good, Dual Process Theory, Reduced Aversion to Harm, Sacrificial Moral Dilemmas, Utilitarian vs. Deontological Choice

Greene’s dual-process theory has provided a new, interesting framework to understand the tendency to make utilitarian vs. deontological choices in sacrificial moral dilemmas. Anyway, as many studies have been carried out so far, the link between individuals’ choice and behaviour has been generally disregarded. We describe in detail a study investigating the relation between utilitarian choice and serious antisocial behaviours and summarize other evidence involving variables related with immoral behaviours. Results are finally discussed in the light of the ongoing scientific debate regarding the nature of utilitarianism and the adequacy of the sacrificial dilemmas as a measure of individual differences in utilitarianism

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Article first page