Chiara Cantù

Reti di impresa e teleservizi: interdipendenze e potenzialità di sviluppo

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Keywords: Network, teleservices, new technology.

The net production is one of the main feature of the New Services Economy. Through the net model the producer and the user develop the material and semantic context of consumer experience together. In this process hard elements (tangible) and soft elements (intangible) are tied together and go beyond the traditional dichotomy of "product and services". The transformation is generated by the complexity of needs and the availability of new technology that permits to share specialized ability located in different places. The "net service " becomes a "teleservice" that is generated by the dynamic network, and at the same time, it supports the development of the network. In this one actors are linked both by relationships and shared objectives and vision. The technology allows the customization of new services, replication of the offering, cost reduction and value increasing. Actors are located in different places and characterized by a specific core activity. Thanks to the Network they can operate together in order to reply to complex cluster of needs. In this context, the telemedicine services through the hard and soft technology support the transmission of patient's data from his home to the doctor's office. The telehealth services support the sharing of data and information between health organizations. These considerations are not restricted to this sector but have a long range. We can consider teledomotique services, that are the communication services referred to home context. In this way the dynamic network becomes a way through which new technologies can develop.

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