Dries Bosschaert

Gustave Thils' Théologie des réalités terrestres in Dialogue with Marrou, Maritain and de Montcheuil. Louvain Theology at the Crossroads of Christianity and Culture

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Keywords: Gustave Thils; Theology of the Temporal; Louvain Theology.

The present article argues that the Louvain theologian Gustave Thils found the stepping-stones for his 'theology of the temporal' in the works of the prominent French Christian thinkers Henri-Irenée Marrou, Jacques Maritain and Yves de Montcheuil. It first presents the thought of these three authors on the Christian significance of temporal reality, and then discusses how Thils, who was inspired by their view on the relationship between Christianity and temporal realities, attempted to transcend their thought by combining them in a synthetic theological system. As such, in the volumes "Théologie des réalités terrestres" and "Théologie et réalité sociale", Thils developed a theory to reflect upon earthly realities with a particular focus on revelation, as well as a method that could be applied by the ordinary faithful to contemplate their everyday activities. This all-encompassing approach might be considered the elaboration of a Christian anthropology that aims to reflect upon and transform the temporal realm in a Christian sense.

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