Justin O. Frosini

The UK Independence Party: a relational anti-system party

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Keywords: Ideological and Relational Anti-System Parties; United Kingdom Independence Party; First-Past-The-Post; European Elections 2014; British General Elections 2015.

As part of a special issue devoted to anti-system parties this articles examines the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) which has been on the British political scene for about twenty years. After a short premise devoted to the concept of anti-system parties and, in particular, Giovanni Sartori's distinction between ideological and relational anti-system parties the essay examines the origins of UKIP and its transversal electorate (despite being dubbed as right-wing). The paper then goes on to analyse UKIP's triumph at the European Elections in 2014 and the alliance it subsequently brokered with another anti-system party: the Italian Five Star Movement. The essay ends by focusing on the salient elements of UKIP's general election manifesto and the reasons why "the system beat the anti-system party" at the polls in May 2015.

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Article first page