Antonio La Spina

Concepts of Policy Style and Leadership: The Case of Matteo Renzi's Premiership

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Keywords: Policy Style; Matteo Renzi; Policy Advise; Leadership; Italy.

After a discussion concerning the various meanings of «policy style» and the role of "tòpoi" in political rhetoric, the paper deals with the policy style of the Italian prime minister Renzi, focusing on some of its hallmarks and inspirers. Public management, labor law, education, constitutional and electoral reforms, development policies for Southern Italy are the sectors chosen in order to show some footprints of such a style with regard to certain policy instruments and recurring themes. Some other relevant innovations are those in which the premier's leadership affects decision-making processes. This is done, among other things, by reducing the room for negotiations, as well as by drawing some relevant issues and positions in the presidency of the council.

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Article first page