Anna Maria Meneghini

Stereotypes and feelings of Italians towards Gypsies: a review of the psychosocial studies carried out in Italy

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Keywords: Gypsies; Italians; Stereotypes; Intergroup Emotions; Intergroup Contact.

Gypsies are a constellation of various cultural groups who have always suffered from discrimination. This paper explores the attitudes of Italian people towards this outgroup by means the analysis of 21 studies carried out during the last thirty years on stereotypes, social representations, intergroup emotions and contact. This review is presented chronologically in order to reveal any changes in attitude. The analysis suggests that the Gypsies have always been seen in a worse light than other ethnic outgroups. The adjectives inherent to this prejudice are: contemptuous, obstinate, enduring. This analysis focuses on the reciprocal influence of negative emotions (especially fear) and the perception of threats on the lack of contact with Gypsies. This lack of contact is suggested to be the cause and the effect of Italian prejudice against this outgroup.

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