Enrico Berti

Hegel and the Book Lambda of Aristotle’s Metaphysics

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Keywords: Hegel, Aristotle, metaphysics, Michelet, Neoplatonism.

In the section concerning Aristotle’s metaphysics of the Lectures on the History of Philosophy Hegel considers the book Lambda of the Metaphysics as the synthesis and the top of Aristotle’s thought. He interprets the Aristotelian unmoved mover as God and he commends the Scholasticism for having conceived God as Actus purus. The error which K. Michelet attributed to Hegel, concerning his identification of the unmoved mover with the heaven, depends on the Erasmus’ edition, that Hegel used. In the Hegelian interpretation, the unmoved mover, though being a «thinking of thinking», thinks in himself all the things. For Hegel the Aristotelian metaphysics is fundamentally a philosophical theology, which he accepts in the terms of his system, but in his interpretation he is strongly influenced by Neoplatonism.

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Article first page