Salvatore Tedesco

«Um den gesunden Tierverstand gekommen»: Animality, Hominisation Machine, Aesthetical Weaving

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Keywords: Animality; Hominisation; Literary Criticism; Sebald; Contemporary Aesthetics.

I suggest to understand Nietzsche's "Kritik der Thiere" as the methodological foundation of Sebald's reflection on language and on the system of knowledge in which the process of hominisation is realized. According to Sebald's opinion, hominisation as «becoming man« seems to constitute the differential «between the unfolding of organic nature and something else, which comes after it, and of which nobody knows yet, how it will be constituted». The aim of the present paper is at showing how the fabric of aesthetic discourse lets emerge and configure the slow learning as the fragile possibility («grasping that side of life / before invisible to us») kept in that animal gaze.

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Article first page