Dina Di Giacomo

Sistemi di classificazione dell'attaccamento ed aspetti neurologici

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The attachment theory is one of the main theoretical frame for the studies of developmental psychology. The in the last years the clinical child psychologist are more and more interested of the studies about quality of mother-child relationship; particularly the studies on the relationship mother-child with neurological impairment are assuming a large space in the clinical practice and in the cognitive and behavioural rehabilitation. The reliability of the methodology used for the evalutation of the attachment is an argument of discussion. The Strange Situation is not the adequate observation procedure in order to classify children qith neurological disease according with the attachment theory. The Strange Situation was in fact studied and structured to be applied to children without cognitive and motor handicap. This paper report the results of the last 10 years studies on this area and the hypotesis of the researcher in order to let possible to apply utilyze the attachment theory on the population of children with neurological disease.

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