Valentina Focaroli Fabrizio Taffoni Jana M. Iverson

Motor planning ability in typically developing children and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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In daily life, individuals perform many different motor acts that are goal directed. These acts are linked in a coherent fashion, forming an action designed to achieve a goal. Motor planning ability can be studied by examining movements that require a sequence of at least two motor acts. The current review examines the research on motor control and motor planning skills in development, specifically the ability to reach for and grasp an object. We focus on typicallydeveloping children and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Recent evidence suggests group differences in motor abilities from early in development. Motor deficits may be a hallmark of the ASD profile.


  • Motor Planning
  • Reaching
  • Grasping
  • Children
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder


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