Roberto Padovani, Caterina Pedrazzi, Alessia Fortuna, Barbara Bianchi, Elisa Tomei, Milena Gibertoni

The assessment of preverbal communication in infancy. Proposal of a clinical tool

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Keywords: preverbal communication, social-communication assessment, infancy, gestures. Per corrispondenza: Roberto Padovani, Servizio Neuropsichiatria Infanzia Adolescenza, ASL di Modena, Via Cardarelli 43, 41100 Modena. E-mail: r.padovani@

A quantitative protocol for assessing preverbal communication in infancy is presented. Data were collected administering the protocol to a group of children with typical development (n = 59) within three different age range according to the milestones of language acquisition: 11-15 months, 16-19 months and 19-24 months. Results showed a general developmental trend of non verbal communication with increasing scores for older children. Some communicative components clearly discriminate all groups of children (Gestures, Use of yes/no, Contextual verbal comprehension, Turn-taking) whereas other functions differentiate younger children (11-15 months) from older children (20-24 months) (Comment, Request, Joint attention, Orienting to name). The protocol seem to be of interest in clinical assessment and treatment of children with deficit/delay of language and communication development.

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