Andrea Lisi, Valentina Stallone, Maria Giovanna Tomasino, Valeria Affatati, Carmen Zelano, Ignazio Grattagliano

The utility and limitations of the Human Figure Drawing Test in the evaluation of the child abuse's cases in expert testimony circles

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Keywords: human figure drawings, child abuse, neglect, legal medical expert testimony.

When following proper legal medical and forensic psychiatric methodology, one needs to be aware that it is incorrect to make a diagnosis of abuse based solely on the results of administered psychodiagnostic instruments, particularly when employing graphic evaluations, such as The Human Figure Drawing Test. This article highlights the expressive and communicative value that the drawings may possess in child abuse investigations, whether they are of a sexual, physical, or psychological nature, or if they involve neglect. It is well to remember that, especially in the field of legal medicine; one always needs to keep in mind that no do not automatism exists a direct association between the coupling of a single response on the test, needs to keep in mind that no direct association exists between the coupling of a single response on the test, and and its psychological significance. Test responses in no way constitute any significant juridically usable evidence.

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Article first page