Adriana Lis, Donatella Mellano, Alessandro Zennaro

Il test di Rorschach tra aspetti psicometrici e psicoanalitici: contributi e riflessioni

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Informations and abstract


The aim of this paper is to give a review of the Rorschach literature. This has been done in highlighting the numerous and intertwining variables that have influenced the hystory of the test and that we have tried to explicit. The Rorschach test can fir different theoretical interpretative theoretical models (Acklin, 1995) such as phenomenological, systemic, transactional (e.g. Barison, Passi Tognazzo, 1982; Barison, Cattonaro, Passi Tognazzo, 1986). In this review we boundes ourselves to consider the general problem of an integration between psycoanalytic and psychometric approaches. We have faced the following themes: the process of interpretation of the inkbolts; the Rorschach as personality testing; nomotetic and idiographic approach to the Rorschach test; the tecnique for the evaluation of the test.

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