Manuela Trapanotto, Daniela Palomba, Pier Antonio Battistella, Franca Benini, Franco Zacchello

Il "Biofeedback" nelle cefalee pediatriche: monitoraggio continuo degli effetti terapeutici

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Biofeedback is a treatment amply used for pediatric primary headache that produces meaningful clinical improvements comparable with, or even better than pharmacological treatment. Although lengthy follow-ups have been reported in the literature, no information is available on repeated monitoring methods used in the pediatric setting. The aim of the present study was to estimate the effectiveness of electromyographic biofeedback (EMG-BFB) by means of a paced monitoring of the therapeutic effects on completion of the treatment and 1, 3 and 6 months later. Ten pediatric patients affected by recurrent primary headache took part in the study. Results showed a significant improvement in clinical (frequency and headache index) and physiological (EMG) parameters, not only immediately after treatment, but also during follow-up, with no substantial differences between the various phases. Constant monitoring enables an assessment of the stability of the therapeutic effects at various stages after the treatment.

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