Giulia Amorotti, Francesca Cavallini, Paola Corsano

Competenze narrative orali di bambini in età scolare con Learning Disabilities e Developmental Language Disorder

  • Articolo
  • Early access (24/03/2021)
  • pp. 1-31
  • DOI: 10.1449/100102
  • Abstract

Informations and abstract

Keywords: Oral narrative abilities, Learning Disabilities, Developmental Language Disorder, school-age children.

Oral production tasks are particularly demanding for children with Learning Disabilities and Developmental Language Disorder, with negative impact on learning and socio-emotional well-being. The review aims to understand how to elicit and analyze oral narrative abilities of school-age students from these two populations. 30 articles are analyzed, found through a systematic search on Scopus, PubMed and Web of Science and selected through the PRISMA procedure. The analysis high-lighted similar narrative profiles in the two populations; the comparison about the methods of elicitation is interesting and it allows to delineate future lines of research and intervention.

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Article first page