Laura Cataldi, Fiorenzo Girotti

Inside the Black Box of Local Social Planning Processes. Management Models, Institutionalization Scenarios and Power Arenas

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Social planning, Systemic analysis, Policy entrepreneur, Power arenas, Institutionalization.

In this paper an Eastonian (Easton 1965) approach is proposed as an analytical instrument to open the black box of local social planning policies. A systemic analysis of such processes in a specific territorial context allows three management models to stand out: political-entrepreneurial, neo-managerial and bureaucratic- administrative. By integrating Easton's systemic approach with the theoretical contributions of Mintzberg (1979), Lowi (1972), Thompson (1967) and Christensen (1985), each model is explored into its crucial dimensions: environmental factors, inputs, internal mechanisms - including decisional models and operating rationalities -, outputs and institutionalization dynamics as feedback outcomes.

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