Francesca Tomatis

Decreasing Fertility in Europe: a Policy and Gender Issue

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Family Policies, Fertility, Gender Equity, Female Employment, Education.

The paper provides a systematisation of the debate on demographic change, focusing in particular on policies that address «new» population trends. The aim of the paper is to provide a state-of-the-art review about opportunities and constraints which affect family policies in Europe. The relationship between demographic change and measures implemented is investigated: in particular, the analysis observes the cause-effect nexus concerning the demographic change in the trend towards low and very low fertility and the sustainability of the costs of childbearing, the workload of care, the incompatibility between work and childcare. Outlining the importance of female employment and education and, therefore, the (lack of) centrality of gender equalisation for fertility decisions, the gap between preferred and realised fertility can be understood.

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Article first page