Salvatore D'Agostino

Pompei since the Irpinia earthquake in 1980 up till now: costs and strategies

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Keywords: Pompeii; Preservation; Restoration; Maintenance; Seismicity.

The paper deals with the preservation of the ancient Pompeii, focusing in particular on events that occurred since the November 1980 earthquake and the severe damage it has made on the buildings of the city. It describes, in particular, the different organizational forms taken in the last thirty years for the management and conservation of the inestimable heritage consisting of Pompeii, starting by describing the creation in 1982 of the Soprintendenza Archeologica of Pompeii (detached from that of Naples) and the introduction of the system of the private concessions for the realization of the works to be carried out. There are described: (i) the period of scientific, administrative and financial Autonomy, begun in 1998; (ii) the Special Commissioners period (2008); (iii) the Big Project Pompeii of 2010. The focus is on the relationship existing between the Site Manager and Superintendent in the resolution of complex problems related to the conservation of the archaeological site and on the need to create a Superintendent with a complete financial, administrative and culture autonomy. This change could be accompanied by a technical office equipped with the necessary skills and a sufficient number of workers to be used in the routine maintenance jobs.

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