Pierpaolo Forte

Contemporary in Italy: art regulatory developments and model to manage

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Keywords: Contemporary Art; Protection; Fruition; Copyright; Cultural and Creative Industries; Transparency; Management of Cultural Intitutions.

Contemporary art regulatory developments in recent years in Italy was apparently less rutilant than the measures which have affected other cultural phenomena. This paper analyzes the international documents which center on persons the cultural policies, and therefore assume that the purpose of the work on cultural products is their fruition. Because of the well known inadequacy of the «ministerial» model to manage cultural institutions, the frequent and impressive use of the foundation as a more flexible managing tool is not surprising. It would be important to discuss and have legislation calibrated for collaborative, unprofitable relationships. Finally, the paper examines the phenomenon of transparency, in search of legitimacy and preservation of reputation, and criticizes, even in terms of constitutional legitimacy, the mandatory gratuity of positions in cultural institutions.

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