Roberta Tonanzi

The issue of Urban regeneration in the light of recent regional laws

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Urban Regeneration; Regional Laws; Urban Planning; Active Citizenship.

The article focuses on the complex phenomenon of the urban regeneration in the light of recent regional laws. However, before analyzing this topic, the evolution of the General Urban Planning is taken into account. This important tool is living a new life through the recent regional laws, that include into the planning moment the topic of urban regeneration. Indeed, the urban macro-regeneration is a public policy that faces the «depianificazione » phenomenon. In the second part, the urban regeneration is analyzed in light of some regional regulations, in particular, Lazio law (regional law 7/2017), Veneto law (regional law 14/2017), Emilia-Romagna law (regional law 24/2017), will be considered. After a deep examination of these laws and of the urban regeneration's characteristics, which help to distinguish it by other public polices of the past, the urban regeneration will appear as a complex phenomenon between limits and innovation.

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Article first page