Maria Vittoria Ballestrero

Astuteness and ingenuousness of an industrial peace clause

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Keywords: right to strike, industrial peace clause, union responsibility.

This essay focuses on the clause of industrial peace obligation provided by company-wide collective agreements of Pomigliano, Mirafiori and Fabbrica Italia Pomigliano (but the last one aims to become the new national car sector collective agreement). The clause is critically analysed first of all with regard to unions' responsibility. Such a responsibility results from the subscription of an obligation of industrial peace which compels unions to abstain from calling industrial action (strike and other struggle forms), in order to ensure a peaceful or no conflicting implementation of the agreement, and thereby work and production continuity. The author considers this extent of peace obligation to be abnormal and not compatible with workers' protection function of the unions. Moreover, the author critically analyses the union peace clause from the stand point of his incidence on workers' right to strike. The author shares the dominant thesis according to which the right to strike is an individual one; so she thinks that the strike of workers in industrial peace clause violation is fully legal.

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