Luca Diotallevi

Sociological reflections on the current political use of religion in Italy

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Keywords: Secularization, State/Church relationship, Italian Catholicism, Politics, Religion.

Secularization is increasing, but («but»?) the political use of religion is increasing too. Political use of which the current Lega leader, Matteo Salvini, is the best but absolutely not the unique Italian example. Is such a trend pursuing] or – on the contrary – reversing Ruini’s strategy? The aim of this paper is arguing a special relationship between «salvinismo» and «ruinismo». The first is now surely exploiting the social as well as the cultural conditions established by the almost two decades of the Italian bishops Ruini’s leadership, but even more its failure. An idea of secularization refined according to Luhmann’s social theory could be of some help in order to support this thesis.

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Article first page