Tommaso dalla Massara

Il paradigma della lex contractus: riflessioni «in risonanza» su Le fonti di integrazione del contratto di Stefano Rodotà

  • Abstract

Informations and abstract

Keywords: Contract; Lex Contractus; Integration.

The paper intends to analyze “Le fonti di integrazione del contrattoµ by Stefano Rodotà through the lens offered by the lex contractus paradigm, an ancient idea which allows the evaluation of the contract with regard to its regulatory profile («profilo regolamentare», to use the words of Rodotà himself). In other words, his point of view, objectifying the contract and immersed in the history, could pave the way for the recognition of the “lacunaµ – understood as necessary – and therefore to the integration of the contractual content (art. 1374 c.c.).

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Article first page